Karina Rubs One Out!

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Karina Rubs One Out!

Polish your knob while Karina Hart polishes a table! That's the theme of this video as Karina, the sexiest housekeeper we've ever seen (wearing white stretch pants that stretch enticingly over her voluptuous ass when she bends over to get in a good, hard rub), cleans house. But Karina doesn't clean for long because she finds an orange dildo, and that's when her pussy takes over her brain (much like your cock is always taking over your brain). Before we know it, Karina's tits are out, the dildo is in, and the chores are forgotten. Now what's she going to do about the pussy juice she dripped all over the carpet? Read More »
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: August 2nd, 2023
Duration: 22:11

Member Comments

3 months ago 

Your nips are more erect and seems like your boobs get bigger when you play and get aroused. Hurrah for Slovokia.

3 months ago 


Night has not a single star
Unless framed within heaven your of eyes
Purpose knows no breath of Love
Without your giving it voice upon the pale lies

The Sea is no more than a Story
Until its caress finds your thighs
No cause to take upon any journey
When all Love nestles at your side

No Tomorrow for me awaits
Only this Breathlessness entwines
Yesterday was but another step in fate
Today You alone I romance with this kiss of Rhyme

There are no stars in heaven
Only in the sky of your eyes
There is no Love to be taken
That You would not gift to life

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