Karina's Lingerie & Lace Tit Show

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Karina's Lingerie & Lace Tit Show

The first 15 minutes or so of this 25-minute video are a boob-lover's fantasy. Karina comes out wearing a short, sheer, brown lace baby doll, and for the next 15 minutes, it's all about her tits. We get close-ups of her tits in the lace lingerie, and her cleavage looks enormous. Her hair is back in a pony tail, she looks like your wet dream cum true, and she pinches her nipples through the lace. When she finally pops a tit out, it's right into the camera with us right below it, as if that puppy's gonna smack us right in the face. Karina licks a finger and rubs her nipples, then she shows us how she takes care of her huge naturals: with lots of skin cream. Her big, hard nipples are poking right into the camera as if they're giant snow cones, and by the time she opens her legs for a look at her pussy, you just might've forgotten she even has one. Read More »
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: July 24th, 2023
Duration: 24:40

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You could change your heart's hair
dance as the Gypsy in your sonata of close
wear maquillage both night-dark & day-fair
dress in fragrances that impress & caress
from crown to toes

Yet in all, you will change
My Love shall await, on every page

Yes you'll turn about & again in your mind
Sing the songs that hold you in rhymes' entwine
Set at last your ways after trying most every kind
Thought is but a Rainbow seen no more than in one color
at a time

Yet you can never change my love of you
love that is yours to perhaps consider
or forever leave to the dew

You have walked through countless doors
been carried through too few more
witnessed the tides & tempests upon that brave sea of flowers
Painted in light, that I sent high to travel through the stars'
Endless hours

Yet in all the unchangeable feathered flickering
My love of you is but your whispering of love to me

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