An Ordinary Bikini, An Extraordinary Girl

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An Ordinary Bikini, An Extraordinary Girl

First, we'd like to point out that Karina's bikini top isn't as small as her big tits make it look. It would fit quite comfortably on a girl with B-cup boobs, covering not only her nipples but most of her tits, too. But, of course, Karina doesn't have B-cup tits, and her rack makes that bikini top look ridiculous. Which, of course, is the idea. "How come you never let me wear bikinis that fit?" Karina said, smiling. Oh, it fits, Karina. It fits just the way we want it to. Later, Karina's tits pour out of her top, then she lays down and starts drilling her sweet pussy with a shiny metallic fuck toy. "Ooooh, it's so cold!" Karina exclaimed as she slid the fuck stick into her warm cunt. But Karina's pussy has magical warming powers, and before long, she's drilling away at her pussy, forgetting about the camera as her tits jiggle magically. It's another great day at Read More »
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: June 12th, 2023
Duration: 21:08

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Ever Changing Beach
Cool Subtilty of Dew
Rhyme-song of Speach
I Love each
As I Love You

A Mare freed from the Stall
As the Heavens turn True
With Justice, we despair, Forstall
I Love each and all
Each & all there in You

Love in ways words fail
Love in times I'll never let go
Love You yet I grow pale
I Love You for more than I could hail
I grow more adamantly sure each Day
That for all Your answers to what came Your Way
Are just, I know, that for which I Love You

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