Karina's First TIT-FUCK!

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Karina's First TIT-FUCK!

Here it is, fellas, the moment you've been waiting for: Karina finally tugs on a hard cock--a real, hard cock--and takes it between her glorious tits. This is the culmination of every boob-man's fantasy, and Karina doesn't disappoint in her hottest scene yet. It was shot for the full-length feature DVD Busty Riding Academy, available in the store. Basically, the setup goes like this: Karina and her busty friends (Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Jasmine Black, Melissa Mandlikova and Kristy Klenot) have been attending a riding school (although they seem to spend most of their time riding cocks, not horses). Lord Chandler, who runs the school, lusts after Karina, but she doesn't lust after him. She has her eyes on Carlos, the stable boy, and what Karina wants, Karina gets: a hot, sticky load all over her rack. Treasure these photos and the video, members. This is Karina's first boy-girl, and who knows if there'll ever be another. Read More »
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: May 31st, 2023
Duration: 19:10

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 
So sexy and wonderful to see u play with a cock. Will be nice to see more dirty hardcore stuff from u like this
3 weeks ago 
I truly hope this isn't the last time we get to see Karina in some boy on girl action.

It would be beyond awesome if she ever did a full on sex scene one day.

Still a one of a kind beauty no matter what.
3 weeks ago 
Such Fickle Serendipity

Some are better for a Bottle or Smoke certainly
Some bettered for endless Games the Night thru
Others best when alone they glimpse serenity
I am Bettered too
Better for beholding You

How Capricious Serendipity

Better for that depth of Clarity
Bettered for a glimpse beyond the ceaseless feud
Best is that moment I witness you in all your infinity
I am more than simply improved
My Heart ever caresses what I've beheld of You

May Serendipity ever hold You lovingly Near
For We both have surely held you,
Most Deeply Dear

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