Why Busty Babes Look Better In Bustiers

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Why Busty Babes Look Better In Bustiers

The very idea of Karina wearing a bustier (or anything like one) is kinda laughable, when you think about it. "I don't think I need anything to make my boobs look bigger," Karina once told us. And she's exactly right. But here's the thing about bustiers: When a small-breasted chick wears one, it looks like she's just trying to make her tits look bigger. When Karina wears one, it looks like she's proudly putting on display her God-given treasures. Or to put it another way, you wouldn't put a $10,000 painting in a $10 frame you bought at Wal-Mart. You'd spend the money to get it custom-framed, to give it the presentation it deserves. Here, Karina gives her breasts the presentation they deserve. Of course, before long, her tits come out, and so does her pussy, and has there ever been a model, especially a young one, who's as good at showing off what she's got as Karina is? The best word to describe her is "plush." She looks like you could just sink into her...and stay there forever. Read More »
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: May 25th, 2023
Duration: 19:52

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You and a Candle
as the Light of Night's Day wanes
as the Worlds turns hush & taught
You and a Candle ever entertains

With just a Moment

In that flickering ghost of wick sight
While you set aside your dusty sandals
Blissfully allowing yourself to relax in delight
Just You and a Candle's might

On only a Word

In that ever of a moment
Living in that dancing know
You reflect on the day spent
You and that Candle are my fortune yet

With merely a glance

that restless fire mirrors mine
See me watching with unfocused Line
Yet always coming home to your Heart's Eye's
You, a Candle & smokey obsession of mind

With just a Breath

You, my world could banish the last of day
Just a Breath, to still the star of my heart
You are but a Candle's pale life away
From a Blindman's keen Love of the Dark

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