The Perfect Date

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The Perfect Date

This is one of Karina's hot-date outfits. If you're lucky enough to be dating Karina and she shows up at the door wearing something like this, you're in luck: She likes you. She's planning on having sex with you. That cleavage popping out of her strapless top? It's a preview of what's to come. "I don't think I would ever wear anything like this on a first date, unless I was very horny," Karina said. "But after two or three dates, if I like a guy, then definitely. I'll let him know What he's getting." Just imagine, fellas: Could you make it through dinner without shooting a load in your pants? Wouldn't that be one of those situations where you'd say, "Let's skip dessert." Hey, let's skip the entrée, too. "I'm the main course!" Karina joked. "Why not eat me!" Read More »
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: May 22nd, 2023
Duration: 19:34

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The Black & White Dream sequence flew by so fast! Let me take a moment...


Summer Heart on Winter's Road
Warmest Day to Coldest Season bold
Hopeful Step before ever Judging Crows
Countless melting steps lost to stern Snows
Torn of warmth torn of tears of wind-torn
Bent of knee in those dawn-lost days of scorn
This Summer heart is not all winter holds
Warmth, falling feathered Heaven never forlorns
Thaws, of course, are where hopes are born
Restless Affection's summer sojourn to it's own
Love as if under ice still must to others flow
Story of lonesome love in hungry frost told
Summer's Hearts on Winter's Roads

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