Who's Teasing Who?

Who's Teasing Who?

Who takes a shower with her clothes on? A girl who wants nothing more than to tease us before she satisfies us, that's who. A girl like Karina. The sheer, wet T-shirt at the start is a nice touch. In the photos, we enjoy an ants-eye view of her rack. As the action proceeds, we think Karina is about to get naked, but she isn't. She wants to tease us some more, but is this really a tease or is it exactly what we want to see: Karina soaping up her twin beauties through her shirt? And who exactly is she teasing? "I like to take a shower and see how long I can go without touching my pussy," she said. "I will touch every other part of my body, my breasts especially, until I get so excited, I must get myself off." That's what the dildo is for. With Karina, it's always handy.
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: April 13th, 2023
Photos: 76

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4 months ago 
Peak KH
4 months ago 

A Day without end I've yet to Live
The Warmest smile that has yet to touch me
that wild careless laugh I've yet to be freed by
Your compassionate hand yet to hold mine
You, Feathered Soul that is ever at my heart's side

Those words I've yet to give
That poignant song I've yet to sing
Dancing Melody that upon familiar keys waits to begin
The High timely bell that patiently waits to ring
Nest of the Feathered Soul in which I've yet to dream

Of that Taste yet to find me
A feast beyond what any reveler could know
The Flavors of your very being
That Nectar to this Soul
That Day, one without end,
is a day none but You, Feathered Soul
could portend

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