Hippie Girl

Here, Karina is a free-spirited hippie girl, like some fantasy from out of the late 1960s/early 70s. I love to dress up and feel real glamorous, but I love to dress down and be playful, too, she said. I think I would have made a good hippie, burning my bras and all of that! Burning her bras? No, Karina, that just won't do! Your bras are international treasures. And despite the free-spirit Karina is displaying here, her bras are not exactly unfettered in the opening shots. Yep, the bra she's wearing is a beauty, and if Karina had been around in the age of free love, we're betting nobody would've been burning their bras! By the way, according to the dictionary, a hippie is a person who rejected established institutions and values and sought spontaneity and direct personal relations expressing love. That sounds like Karina to us.
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: April 10th, 2024
Photos: 78

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The World is ever restless
Tossing to a turn of green
Blossoms beckon new faces
With the Dawn, a swelling chorus heard

I know many Robin Watchers
Speak to Swan Delighters
They but Kind Company to Dear Family
My True Sparrow who never flew

Stout-Hearted voice upon the Winter
with Me From bare icey branch
As pale dawn touched snow swept eaves
The True cannot bring themselves to leave

Here for Me my Sparrow
As I am ever for You

Dawn Song can make the World seem new
Faithful Sparrow all a long
Your's sings our Old World, True

-Written in Love for your Peace-

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