Top Hat and Tail!

Top Hat and Tail!

Karina in pantyhose is definitely one of the things that has often occurred to us. She has the the legs and ass to pull it off, and you have to love the way those patterned hose huge her big, round ass. But the top hat? Where did that come from? Are we going back to the roaring '20s? Well, the fact is that Karina is always full of surprises, and wearing the top hat with this outfit was her idea.

"It was fun getting dressed up like this, Karina said. "I asked the photographer if I could keep the hat so I can wear it on New Year's Eve. I think I'm going to!"

That, of course, is a long way off, but Karina's birthday is just around the corner (August 26), and Karina recommends you celebrate the big day by taking your cock out of your pants and popping a load in her honor. Cheers!
Featuring: Karina Hart
Date: May 19th, 2024
Photos: 77

Member Comments

That spread pussy shot in #36 is SO inviting!

The Palet fills my grasp with the Hues of Infinity
Before the Nothing, You Whisper Possibilities
The Color of your complexion, the glow of you anew
Caressed in Shadow thick as if bathing you in dew
Bring Life's pulsing blush to soon bare
To at last Frame Memory in your Angel's Hair
You Walk an Orchard of ordered rows
There will be fruit, for now, Blossoms grow
You do not see me, looking just past
And I meet a most terrible fear,
That this moment is our last

I catch my breath
steady my hand
If this is our last
I'll dare all I can

The Surface is simply flat
The Tablet's light fades
My Technique listless
There is not justice
I start yet again

You wait in the Palet
that impossibility in my mind
Your one single stroke
of a never-ending line

-In Your Honor Lady Karina and my humble pleasure most splendid, indeed.-

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