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Maid For Fun

No matter the time or the place, there are several fantasy girls that are constant and that guys never tire of. Among them the cop, the student, the nurse, the teacher, and this popular character: the maid. Everyone loves the busty maid, her huge boobs threatening to spill out of her flimsy costume, delightfully bending over as she dusts the furniture and the thought of her jumping on top of you as she serves herself as the main dish for breakfast in bed. Karina understands this boobalicous fantasy girl and wonderfully becomes one in this pictorial. She's got the black stockings, the traditional French maid costume, the heels. She's got it down. "I can understand this and I know how much men love to dream of a beautiful servant," Karina muses. "In Victorian times in England, the secret erotic literature was filled with many such encounters between a man and a maid. I think most every country has this kind of secret erotic maid stories in their history. Every man of every nationality…
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