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The seven-inch itch

If Marilyn Monroe had been super-stacked and worn green in The Seven-Year Itch... "Excuse me," Karina said as she pulled on this dress. "What is the seven-year itch?" Ah, to be young and Czech! The Seven-Year Itch, as we explained to Karina, was the 1955 movie in which Marilyn Monroe wore her famous white dress and stood over a subway grating in New York. When a train came by, the wind from the train made her dress billow, resulting in one of the most-famous scenes in movie history. "Who is Marilyn Monroe?" Karina asked, and at that point, we knew it was time to move on. Besides, Karina is making history on her own here, flashing record-breaking cleavage that never would have gotten past those 1955 movie censors, then whipping out her tits and spreading and dildo-izing her pussy in ways that Ms. Monroe never could have dreamed of when she posed for Playboy. Looking at Karina in and out of that green dress, we've got a severe case of the seven-inch itch.
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