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What's Underneath Karina's Sweater? Tits! - Added on 2014-09-15
Do you ever get tired of seeing Karina Hart in a sweater? Stupid question, we know. The massively endowed Ms. Hart completely fills out the red sweater in this video, even showing cleavage where there wouldn't be any on the average woman. Because you know how some sweaters have a high neckline? Well, Karina's big, firm naturals are up there, too!
"Do you like my boobs?" Karina asks. "Do you want to see them?" Must be a rhetorical question. Does she really think we'd say no? The camera pans out. Karina is wearing panties that are almost flesh-colored (we were fooled at first into thinking she was naked) and stockings. Her tits are pouring out of a beige bra, and her necklace is getting lost...


It's Melon Season! - Added on 2014-09-09
When watching his video, you might have a hard time deciding which melons to keep your eyes on, the actual watermelons or the melons that Karina Hart has packed into her sexy red bra. Fuck Gordon Ramsay! Get out of the kitchen, Rachel Ray! Karina Hart's tits are yummo!
This isn't exactly a how-to kitchen video (unless you're talking about "how to pour melon juice all over your tits, lick it off and fuck your pussy), but we think you'll find it to be very rewarding. It's very intimate. Karina's tits look so juicy. Her pussy is very slick and handles the big fuck-toy so nicely. She sticks it in so deeply. Is this proper behavior for a chef? Hey, who ever said Karina's a chef? But she'll wrap...

Women Like Glamour. Men Like Spread Pussy. - Added on 2014-09-03
"Women are very different from men," Karina says about the differences between the sexes. "To a man, a sexy photo is of a woman with her breasts hanging out and her legs spread, and maybe she is pleasuring herself. To a woman, it is much more the idea of something than seeing it right in front of you. I would like sexy, artistic pictures with some nice but unusual background, something like laying naked in a tub filled with colorful candies or on a bed of roses, or maybe in a beautiful bubble bath. Some hot, sexy pictures that are teasing but don't have to show too much." In this video, Karina doesn't do much teasing, unless you count the all-important bra modeling at the beginning. Nope,...

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