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Karina's Kitchen - Added on 2015-05-25
She has big tits. She's beautiful. She's sexy. And she can cook? Is Karina Hart the perfect woman, or what? "Well, I do not cook a lot," she said. "I am very busy with my studies. But if I had the right man and he wanted me to cook for him, I would!" In these pictures and the accompanying video, Karina makes quite a mess out of the kitchen, which is exactly what we wanted. And how about those doughy tits? Hey, you knew we couldn't resist that line! Anyway, imagine: You wake up in the morning after a night of incredible sex with Karina. You can't count how many times you came all over her tits. And now, you're hungry. And you smell something good coming from the kitchen. Karina's cooking!...


Karina's Bra Show - Added on 2015-05-19
Here, we get to see one of our favorite things: a super-busty chick trying on bras. Karina Hart is always looking for bras to stuff her HH-cup tits into, and she's usually not successful. "I like pretty bras, but they are hard to find," she said. "I only own two bras right now, a white one and a black one. The stores don't sell bras in my size. When I do find some in my size, they have a bad cut and don't look good. So I didn't buy a new bra for about a year, and the bra I wear is about two sizes smaller than my real size. I'm really frustrated because of it. So if you know about a store where they have bras with big cups which don't look like they are for grannies, please let me know. I...

Soft and Creamy - Added on 2015-05-13
"I love ice cream," Karina said as she licked a bit of it off of her nipple. "It's so cold and creamy. But I have never eaten it off my breasts before." Hey, Karina, stick with us and you'll do plenty of things you've never done before. "Milk keeps my breasts soft and creamy," Karina revealed without us even asking. "I have found that the more ice cream and milk I eat, the bigger my breasts get!" That's good news, and enough reason to keep Karina on a steady diet of ice cream. These photos and the video are favorites of ours because we get to see Karina outdoors, doing the kinds of things average girls do. Karina is no average girl, but she still acts like me and you. She's no primadonna....

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