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Laundry day - Added on 2015-01-25
Ah, Karina! She can make an ordinarily mundane task, like doing the laundry, exciting. Riddle: How many H-cup bras can Karina stuff into the washing machine at one time? Probably two or three, at most. "I don't wash my bras in the washing machine," Karina said. "They are too expensive. I wash them with my own two hands." Okay, show of hands here, men: How many of you would volunteer to do Karina's wash, just for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to handle her bras and panties and see how stretched out her tight tops really get. Count us in, and we hate doing the laundry. "I hate it, too, but this time, it was fun," Karina reported after getting all soapy, for who knows what reason. Really,...


Springtime for Karina - Added on 2015-01-19
And now for some behind-the-scenes information. Normally, during the early stages of a model's career, most of her photo and video shoots are done indoors, in the studio. The thinking is that the girl might be nervous, and that it's best to have her getting naked for the first time (or times) in a controlled environment where onlookers are kept to a minimum. Also, lighting and sound are best controlled indoors, and the girls tends to be more comfortable in the environment. That partly explains why, so far, you've seen so few outdoor shoots of Karina. But there's another reason: She was discovered during the heart of the Eastern European winter, when going outside would have meant battling...

She's just a girl - Added on 2015-01-13
"I love to flirt with the camera," said Karina, who speaks fluent English, Czech and Slovakian. "When I look at the camera, I am seeing all the men who are looking at my pictures." There is a 3D element even to Karina's still photos, as her fabulous body and vivacious personality seem to burst across and through the barriers of time and space, as if she is right there, close enough to touch... almost. Here she is, in a bathroom. A bathroom, for heaven's sake! There is nothing glamorous about a bathroom, even one as nice as this one, and often, Karina is ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR. And yet, she still seems sexy and glamorous, but not untouchable. Never untouchable. "I have never considered...

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