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Karina Casts A Spell - Added on 2015-04-25
Pick a card, any card. Ace of spades? That means you'll spend the rest of your life jacking to Karina Hart's tits. Queen of diamonds? Same thing. Ten of clubs? Ditto. This deck is stacked, just like Karina. But what did you expect? She's an Eastern European gypsy woman, and she's cast a spell on you. "Gypsy women are sexy," Karina said. "I think that is why men like them so much. It is not because they can tell your future or read your mind. It is because many of them have big breasts and are very seductive." Can Karina read our minds? "I am not a gypsy, but I know exactly what is on your mind," Karina said as she cradled her rack and chose a dildo from her magic box. "You are thinking...


Karina Kryptonite - Added on 2015-04-19
SCORE subscriber and big-time sweater enthusiast T.N. writes "Big-tittied girls in tight sweaters are guys kryptonite. I get weak in the knees when I see such a girl, but I'll also get hard in the cock." He's got that right! Karina in a tight, blue, crop-top sweater is an astounding sight, as are Karina's tits in that sexy, girlie bra. As is her rack when it finally comes tumbling out of her get-up. But the fun is only getting started because then it's bath tub time, which means wet tits, wet pussy, and a big dildo disappearing between Karina's flesh bombs during a simulation tit-fuck. Thanks to our photographer, too, for getting way up on his ladder and shooting down while Karina lay in...

Rack to school! - Added on 2015-04-13
There's a lot to talk about in this posting. First and foremost is Karina's schoolgirl outfit, which takes us back to countless fantasies we had in high school about the stacked (and still-developing) girls in our school. How many lectures went in one ear and out the other as we tried to look down the top of the busty teen sitting next to us or waited for her to drop her pencil, bend down and pick it up. But none of those girls, even in our wildest fantasies, had anything on Karina, who, get this, for a while attended a school in which she had to wear a uniform. "But nothing as sexy as this," she said. Second, Karina's bra: It's one of those full-coverage numbers-"I only own one," she told...

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